Why is purposeful technology so important in brand activations?
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I see a lot of brand experiences that use tech for tech’s sake. And as a result they fail in their ROI. We are a creative technology company, so tech is key. But our values of innovation, authenticity and delivery keep us grounded. A large part of authenticity is keeping purpose at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have retained our key clients since the inception of our business 6 years ago, and how we have grown our profit to over 55% growth this year.

Why is purpose so important in brand activations?

  1. The experience is more meaningful and impactful for participants.
  2. It makes for a more authentic connection between the participant and the brand.
  3. By creating experiences that go beyond entertainment (although entertainment is a valid purpose in itself) and provide additional value (or education or social impact) brands can stand out and build a stronger relationship with the participant. Customers increasingly prioritise brands that align with their values, and purpose-driven activations can help connect with audiences on a deeper level.
  4. It results in increased engagement and participation beyond the initial experience

An example of this was our recent activation at the Vivid festival in Sydney, for Agency Omnicom Media Group and their client LG. While beautiful to look at, it also provided additional value and purpose to guests as they interacted with the experience and answered questions by jumping to the left or right. Using gesture recognition technology we collated their answers and provided each group with a customised Vivid itinerary based on those answers. In this example, users have engaged with the LG brand while waiting in the queue to enter as they viewed the impressive external animations inspired by the #MoodUPbyLG fridge. They have engaged with LG's products and interacted with the colour moods on the InstaView Fridges in. Once inside the tunnel they have interacted with the 3 minute experience before receiving their personalised LG branded itinerary upon completion, based on their interactions, thus creating a meaningful and authentic engagement with the brand underpinned by a core theme of "Your Mood".