Australian devs punch above their weight
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Australian game developers have been quietly forging a revolution in the gaming world, perhaps without you even noticing. It's a narrative not unfamiliar to me; as someone who witnessed firsthand the ravages of the Global Financial Crisis on the burgeoning industry, leaving bright-eyed creators like myself grappling with an uncertain future. Undeterred, we adapted and evolved, plunging ourselves into the vibrant, interesting, and weird world of mobile gaming, a frontier that saw Australian innovators flexing their imaginative prowess in unprecedented ways.

Yet, as time unfolded, it seemed that nascent blossoming of the industry would be stifled, struggling once again against dwindling support from governing bodies and watching golden opportunities seemingly ebb away.But I've found resilience has always been a hallmark of the industry. Even in those challenging moments. Each setback, a step towards honing skills and fostering a determination that I've seen evolve into something awesome to see.Over a journey spanning nearly two decades, I've found the industry transformed, with Australian developers emerging as formidable players on the global stage. These teams have faced adversity with grit, resilience, and creativity, showcasing to the world that we're always equipped to dazzle - only awaiting the right moment to shine.

What I'm seeing is that the Australian gaming industry isn't merely surviving; it's flourishing, with a renewed energy that is both magnetic and infectious. At the epicentre of this renaissance are local devs - the talents proving, that Australia's gaming chops have always been capable of exceeding expectations, needing only the spark of opportunity to unveil the brilliance, and the rest of the world seems to agree, if the sales numbers of games like Cult of the Lamb, Hollow Knight, Untitled Goose Game and many more are anything to go by.Today, Australia doesn't just participate in the indie gaming narrative; it leads, shapes, and inspires, showcasing an indomitable spirit that has always punched above its weight, now unfettered and ready to create worlds beyond our wildest imaginations.It's a really exciting time to be an Australian game dev.