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Salesforce, IBM, Accenture & Singapore Airlines


Creative development, Technical Integration & Development, Support, Quality Assurance


2019 - 2020


We specialize in creating lasting memories and wow-moments at live events, conferences and festivals through innovative immersive experiences. We use a  variety of technologies including digital interactive screens, gamification, motion detection, high fidelity visual effects, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as bespoke development as needed.

We are privileged to support incredible clients from industries including technology, travel, hospitality, sport, retail and CPG. This video showcases a selection of our recent live experiences for: 

Salesforce and Mulesoft at the 2019 Dreamforce Conference

IBM at IBM Think 2019

Singapore Airlines at the Enlighten Festival 2020

Accenture at Telstra Vantage 2019

Live Immersive Experiences

Live Events

Salesforce | IBM | Accenture | Singapore Airlines